Why this blog ?

I had the idea of starting the idea of starting a blog earlier, but it never came into practice. Currently, I am enjoying a lot the blog course from John Sonmez – Simple Programmer, and I would also like to give a new try to this idea.

What should the blog have?

The blog will focus on lightweight approach to software design and software architecture. To be able to try multiple ideas, I would like to create a space for software architecture katas. These would be presented end to end – as an exercise to try new things, receive feedback and extend knowledge. Furthermore, I would like to gather and share excellent applications designs.

Still, this is not new. Why this idea?

Usually, you can easily find how to build applications, including technologies described in detail. I find much harder a place to present concrete software designs in a simple way, presenting why certain technologies or approaches are used. What do you need to have a faster, more secure, more reliable solution? What are the disadvantages if some excellent individual technologies are coupled together?

I hope you would enjoy reading the posts,

Petru Faurescu

Software developer, solution architect and technical lead.

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