Using MongoDB .NET Driver with .NET Core WebAPI

What’s about Problem / solution format brings an easier understanding on how to build things, giving an immediate feedback. Starting from this idea, the blog post I will present step by step how to build a web application to store your ideas in an easy way, adding text notes, either from desktop or mobile, with few characteristics: run fast, save on the fly whatever you write, and be reasonably reliable and secure. This article will implement just the backend, WebApi

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MongoDb and LINQ: How to aggregate and join collections

Data aggregations are very helpful whenever you need to create metrics or get more insights from the data. Furthermore, joining multiple MongoDb collections may provide more meaningful results. This article will be a light intro on how to do run these on MongoDb using .NET Driver and LINQ. Notes before starting This article is the 3rd article, continuing Part 1: How to search good places to travel (MongoDb LINQ & .NET Core), and Part 2: Paging in MongoDB – How

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